Happy Helpful Staff

In the first week of December when the ground has a reasonable cover of snow and the maple and birch trees have lost the last of their autumn leaves there is a dynamic change to the pace of life at Pension Woody Note. The ever cheerful, happy helpful staff Hiromi and Kaori arrive for their first day’s work of the winter season, dust covers are removed, cleaning begins at a frantic pace, huge piles of sheets, thick bedspreads and pillows are carried to the bedrooms, the cottages and Virginia. The kitchen rings with laughter. Winter has arrived in earnest.

happy helpful staff

Back Row: Rie and Toshio

Front Row: Hiromi, The magnificent Molley, and Kaori (February 2013)

(Molley’s family have a very special relationship with Pension Woody Note. They were the first Australian winter guests, and in 2012 they became the first Australian summer guests.)

Over the winter months the family and permanent staff will be supplemented with friends and casual staff. The ability of Toshio and Rie to integrate complete strangers into their home, is amazing. During the winter Sako San will arrive from Kyushu (the most southern of Japan’s four main islands) for a short stay to help Rie.  Kura San (IT San) also from Kyushu, will stay for a week to ensure the VOIP WiFi internet is humming along.

happy helpful staff

Kura San (IT San) hard at work in the dining room making sure that guests will be able to phone home.

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