Google Map Hirafu (Niseko)

How to Use This Google Map Hirafu (Niseko)

Viewing the Google Map Hirafu (Niseko), Pension Woody Note is on the Left Hand Side of Momiji Zaka, and is indicated by the Red Marker.  The street view was taken by Google® in April 2012, after the regular ski season.  We are afraid it is not a very flattering view.  Buildings in Hirafu (Niseko) are constructed to cope with twelve metres of snow each year and look rather bare in late winter before the flower gardens begin to bloom.  The new entrance and ski/boot storage section was completed in early December 2013 so the Pension building now looks quite different.   The Swiss Styled building at the end of the Pension Wood Note car park (on the left of the pension building) is "Virginia", part of Pension Woody Note.

First Trip to Niseko? We find that Google® Street view is a good way to get a feeling for the village.  Take some time and explore the streets and you will understand why Pension Woody Note commands the best position in Hirafu (Niseko).

Woody Note is on Momiji Zaka (Maple Leaf Slope) opposite Bus Stop 2 which makes it the premium position in Hirafu.  Why?  It is not intuitive but Lower Hirafu is actually better positioned than Upper Hirafu because Niseko-United runs free shuttle busses from 07:15 to 22:00 which stop at the front door of the Pension (Bus Stop 2).  There are a number of conveniently located bus stops in Lower Hirafu but only one (excluding the Welcome Centre and the Hirafu Gondola) in Upper Hirafu.  After a big night out, Upper Hirafu guests must walk home uphill!  Lower Hirafu guests can just stroll home downhill.

Being positioned at Bus Stop 2 has other benefits. Toshio San makes a number of morning bus trips between 08:30 and 10:00 ferrying guests to any of the three Hirafu starting lifts. And if you wish to start your day at Hanazono, the Hanazono bus stops at the door, and because it is Bus Stop 2, there is always a seat.

To commence exploring move uphill from Pension Woody Note to highway 343 the highway into Hirafu from the direction of the town of Kutchan.  Have fun.