Woody Note's Winter Guests - Their Profile

Experienced Niseko backcountry adventurers

At breakfast the most viewed app is the daily Avalanche Report.  Knowledgeable guests readily share information on Niseko, nearby resorts, and even their secret stashes. Many guests have been coming to Woody Note for many years, some for more than a decade, and have extensive knowledge of the Niseko Backcountry including climbing the Annupuri Peak and the routes from the Peak to Goshiki Onsen and the Hanazono Golf Club. These are world renowned runs but require both knowledge and the appropriate safety gear. Woody Note's Winter Guests can explain the routes between Hirafu and Hanazono, Niseko Village & Annupuri. Some will also know how to ski to Moiwa and back from Hirafu.

Intermediate and beginner skiers & snowboarders

At Woody Note you can always find someone of your level to show you around, give you helpful hints and point you in the right direction.  Guests often guide newcomers around the resort introducing them to the many wonderful features that comprise Niseko. There are many runs that are not suitable for the Beginner. It pays to ask for assistance in choosing the most appropriate runs for your level of skiing. The resort chair-lift and run maps are basic so again although a run maybe rated as Green, the least difficult, it may still not be suitable for the absolute beginner. As with many resorts the Green Runs are often created on existing narrow roads. Many Beginners and Lower Intermediate skiers will actually find the Red runs more suitable, as they tend to be wider, allowing for ample room to recover from mistakes.

Non-Skiers and Onsen Lovers

Not everybody skis or snowboards, or at least not every day.  Woody Note always has winter guests who can advise on the local Onsens, the best places for lunch and the local attractions.