Guest Facilities

Guest Facilities include:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free 24/7 Tea & Coffee
  • Coin Operated Washing Machine (Yen 200 per wash.  Liquid detergent included.)
  • Heated Ski/Snowboard/Boot area
  • Drying room
  • Games Room with Table Tennis, Grand Piano, Various musical instruments
  • Ski Hire
  • Lift Tickets
  • TV Room


Dining Room Level Floor Plans

The main entrance to Pension Woody Note is on the Dinning Room Level. The entrance contains the heated ski/snowboard and boot storage area. The Dining Room Level also has male and female toilets each with a built-in bidet, the dinning room with fire place, TV Lounge, the kitchen, and the Shimatani family rooms. As these floor plans show there is no official reception desk. Keeping with the informality of Pension Woody Note, guests checking-in or requiring assistance present themselves at the kitchen door announcing themselves with “su-mi-ma-sen すみません” or just plain “excuse me”, and someone will come out to assist.

Dining Room  Floor

  • Heated ski/snowboard storage
  • Heated boot storage
  • Unisex toilet with built-in-bidet
  • Dining Room
  • Fire Place
  • TV Lounge
  • Kitchen

floor plans

Pension Dining Room Floor Plan

Free WIFI Internet

Pension Woody Note has a high speed WiFi Internet. The best WiFi reception is on the Dining Room Level. Reception at other levels can be intermittent. At breakfast and Apres-ski multiple users can been seen simultaneously using the facility. This means that you may use your laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone to make telephone calls via the Pension Woody Note WiFi.

Mobile (Cell) Phone Coverage

Mobile (Cell) phone coverage is excellent in Hirafu (Niseko).  However it does depend upon your service provider.  The coverage in the mountains is less reliable.  In order of preference for coverage the three main telcos in Hirafu are:

  • AU
  • Docomo
  • SoftBank

Mobile (Cell) Phones for non-residents

It is illegal for Japanese telcos to contract with non-residents.  However mobile phones may be rented from, and disposable SIM cards may be purchased online.  At the time of writing the best seems to be:  eConnect Japan

Lower Level Floor Plans

The Lower Level contains:

  • Bathrooms (showers – Japanese baths)
  • Three toilets all with built-in-bidets
  • Three face wash basins
  • Games room
  • Grand piano
  • Table tennis table
  • Selection of musical instruments including drums and guitars


Importantly as can be seen in this floor plan, the Lower Level also houses the :

  • Guest Laundry (Yen 200 per wash.  Liquid detergent included);
  • Drying room.

Lower Level Floor Plan

floor plans

Lower Level Floor Plan

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